Practical information

Childcare options

BLOS childcare offers childcare to children from 6 weeks to 13 years old. Our day care centres provide care for the youngest children up to 4 years old. Depending on the location, we work with horizontal groups (children of the same age) or vertical groups (children of different ages). After school care offers care after school hours for children in primary school.

Closing during public holidays

BLOS childcare is open all year round, with the exception of official (public) holidays: New Year's Day, Easter, Liberation Day (once every 5 years: 2020, 2025 etc.), Ascension Day, Pentecost, King's Day and Christmas.

Exchange days policy

We take great care to be as flexible as possible, to adapt to your needs as a parent, for example if you work flexible hours. That’s why BLOS childcare offers the possibility to exchange fixed day care days (or half-days), provided that the group composition allows this and there sufficient pedagogical staff is available. From October 1st of this year, the possibility to exchange days or offer extra days is unfortunately limited. If you have any questions about this, please contact the location manager or our Parent support department.


When using the outside gate, we ask you to always close it directly behind you when entering and leaving. This, of course, also applies to the gates between the various interior spaces.

Notification of absence due to illness or holidays

With regards to scheduling, we would like to notify our administrative department about your child’s holidays as early as possible. If your child becomes sick at home or cannot come to the childcare centre for any other reason, please report this before 9:00 AM to the location or to our Parent Support department by sending an e-mail to


All children at the day care have their own basket. Personal belongings such as spare clothes, a sleeping bag and cuddly toys can be stored here. To prevent them from getting lost, we ask you to name all your child's belongings.

Child tracking system

At BLOS childcare we work with a child tracking system. The group leaders regularly and systematically monitor the development of the children by making targeted observations. These observations are specifically aimed at their language, speech, motor and socio-emotional development. Your child has his own booklet (child monitoring system) in which the observations are recorded. The results of the observations are discussed during ten-minute conversations. The group leaders will discuss any signals resulting from the observations with you as a parent. Together we will look for the right approach for your child. As soon as your child goes to primary school, you will receive a transfer from us. Would you like to see the child monitoring system of your child in the meantime? Please indicate this to one of the group leaders.

BLOS parent portal

At BLOS childcare we work with a digital parent portal. You receive the login details at the start of the childcare. With the BLOS parent portal you can:

  • Report exchange days;
  • Request additional childcare;
  • Notify absence (e.g. in case of illness or holidays);
  • View invoices with associated payments;
  • Make personal changes such as addresses and phone numbers;
  • View documents such as placement agreements and correspondence.


Does your child use a dummy? Please bring one from home. It is your responsibility to make sure dummies are replaced and sanitized in time. Also, make sure the dummy is not torn or broken. Due to the risk of suffocation, we can’t use dummies that are not intact.

Main groups

In accordance with the Childcare Act, every child will be placed in its own main group with the same group of educational staff. In case of an exchange day or additional day care, your child may be placed in a different group, depending on the maximum number of children in a group. This, of course, will always be done in consultation with you as a parent.

Want to register your child at BLOS?

Please fill in the registration form and we will contact you as soon as possible. Do you want to see a location with your own eyes first? Request a tour for a BLOS location in your neighbourhood. Questions? We’re happy to help!

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