The BLOS policy

Health and Safety

At BLOS childcare we consider health and safety to be very important. That is why we comply with all relevant standards from legislation and from the Municipal Health Services (GGD). In our periodical work meetings, the subjects of safety and health are always on our agenda. Below we explain more about our health and safety policy.

Hygiene and Safety
In accordance with the Childcare Act, at BLOS childcare we carry out an annual risk inventory in the field of health and safety. Our staff members are of course well aware of the risks and, if necessary, take appropriate action. The set-up of our locations is also safe for your child and meets the legal safety standards. Every location has a company emergency worker and to ensure the safety of your child, many of the pedagogical staff members have a first-aid certificate for children.

Being sick
Being sick is never fun and we feel the best place for your child to get better is at home. If your child gets sick during day care, the group management will always contact you to discuss if your child can stay or whether it is best if you pick up your child.

Reporting domestic violence and child abuse
For the safety of our children, we use the Reporting Code Domestic Violence and Child Abuse (In Dutch: Meldcode huiselijk geweld en kindermishandeling). This code established the procedure to be followed in case of (suspected) child abuse and/or sexual abuse.

The four-eyes principle
To guarantee the safety of your child, we use the four-eyes principle from the Childcare Act. At all times, this means that a second staff member must be able to watch or listen in. For instance, our group rooms have a lot of windows, a view-through or connecting door. This way, we ensure an open and professional working environment. We also apply a strict and extensive selection procedure when hiring staff members and we regularly have trainees working in addition to the minimum required number of staff members on a group. Off course, all our staff members hold a Certificate of Good Conduct (in Dutch: Verklaring Omtrent Gedrag, VOG).

We believe a healthy, balanced diet is essential for your child's development. In our nutritional policy, we take the guidelines given by the Netherlands Nutrition Centre (Voedingscentrum) as a starting point and offer your child a wide variety of foods and drinks. This includes fresh (seasonal) fruit, vegetables, wholemeal bread, crackers, sweet and savoury toppings, yoghurt, milk, tea, and water. This way your child becomes familiar with different products and flavours. At BLOS childcare we encourage children to try new things all the time, but we also give them the space to make their own choices. We work with organic products as much as possible.

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