The BLOS policy

Pedagogical principles

At BLOS childcare the well-being and development of your child are key in everything we do. Every child is unique and develops in its own way and at its own pace. It is important that your child feels safe at our day care, both with our pedagogical staff members and with the other children. We create an environment in which your child not only feels at home but also appreciated and accepted. Our pedagogical staff members are experts in recognising the different stages of development that each child goes through. We know how to stimulate children and help them discover the best in themselves. We always keep the following four pedagogical principles in mind:

  • Every child is unique
  • Create a sense of home
  • Respect each other and have an eye for diversity
  • Stimulate and guide through a positive approach.

Pedagogical goals

Besides these pedagogical basic principles, the Childcare Act also includes four basic pedagogical goals, that are central to our pedagogical approach.

Social-emotional safety
Our groups have a nice and relaxing atmosphere. Our pedagogical staff members will ensure that your child feels safe, secure and at home. That way children can 100% be who they are.

Personal competencies
Together with our pedagogical staff members, the children work on developing their personal competences, such as independence, flexibility and creativity. Our pedagogical staff members give children the self-confidence to explore the world. They encourage, give compliments and motivate children to always try again if they are unsuccessful at something. We teach children to solve problems themselves and to grow up to be unique individuals.

Social Competencies
At BLOS childcare we encourage your child, with the help of our pedagogical staff members, to empathize with others, to help them and to prevent and manage conflicts. Together we work on having positive relationships with each other. In interaction with their environment, children learn more about themselves and about others.

Sharing norms and values
A positive approach is central at BLOS childcare. In our groups, your child learns how to interact with others and how to behave. Our pedagogical staff members teach all children to treat each other with respect and to give each other the space to be who they are. In doing so, your child will be prepared for the world of grown-ups.

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