The BLOS policy

Recruitment and selection of employees

At BLOS childcare we know how important the quality of our staff members is to you and your child. That is why we go have implemented a careful and thorough recruitment and selection procedure. This includes an initial selection interview, in which we look at the personality, the experience and pedagogical knowledge of the candidates, and their vision on childcare. Use of the Dutch language is also important, and of course the reliability and integrity of the candidate.

In the second round, the focus is on practice-oriented action and being a good match with future colleagues. The final acceptance of a candidate will only take place if he or she has the correct diplomas, positive references, and a valid Certificate of Good Conduct (Verklaring van Goed Gedrag, VOG).

The best employees
At BLOS childcare we work with well-trained pedagogical staff members. Our employees must at least meet the minimum qualification requirements as stated in the Collective Labour Agreement for childcare. To ensure that they also have the required knowledge and skills, we offer schooling. After all, at BLOS we not only work on your child's development but also on that of our staff members and our organization!

Familiar faces
In order to guarantee the continuity of our groups, each group has its own team of pedagogical staff. In accordance with the Childcare Act, a maximum of three or four permanent pedagogical staff members is assigned to each individual child. Each day, at least one of the main staff members will be present, ensuring your child always sees a familiar face. In case of absence, for example, due to illness or schooling, we still aim to have as many familiar faces as possible present. This could be, for example, a staff member who has worked at the group before or someone from our own pool of substitutes.

Flexible team of pedagogical professionals
At BLOS childcare we have our own pool of flexible pedagogical professionals. The advantage of working with flexible professionals is that they are familiar with BLOS childcare and with your child. Our flexible professionals go through the same selection procedure as our permanent staff and also meet our pedagogical requirements. At BLOS childcare your child is always in good hands!

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