The BLOS policy

Working together with you as a parent

We value a good and close relationship with you as a parent. Working closely together is essential to build a bridge between your child at the childcare centre and the home situation. Together with you, we try to contribute to the upbringing of your child. Different contact moments are planned to realize this.

Getting acquainted and getting settled in
When your child visits the childcare centre for the first time, we always make sure there is a moment to get acquainted and that your child gets the time it needs to settle in. During the introduction, you will get an explanation about our way working and of course a guided tour around the location. Of course, there will be plenty of time to ask questions and to discuss specific needs your child might have.

Daily reporting
When dropping off and picking up, the group leader will make time to speak to you about your child that day. After all, it is important that you are aware of any details of that day. In addition, you can view photos and messages about your child's activities during the day via My BLOS. For the littlest ones, we also add a daily report (eating- and sleeping times) to the parent portal.

Parent-teacher conferences
In addition to the contact you have with our staff members during dropping off and picking up your child, we periodically organize parent-teacher conferences at the day care. During this conversation, we talk in more detail about the development and well-being of your child. If you feel the need to have an extra conversation about your child’s progress or any other topic, that’s always possible. Both you and our group leaders can initiate an extra conversation.

At BLOS childcare every child has his own mentor. This is a pedagogical staff member who works at your child's group and who pays extra attention to your child's development. The mentor is also your main contact if you have any questions.

Want to register your child at BLOS?

Please fill in the registration form and we will contact you as soon as possible. Do you want to see a location with your own eyes first? Request a tour for a BLOS location in your neighbourhood. Questions? We’re happy to help!

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