BLOS. Our story

More than just ‘childcare’

Our foundation lies in every parent’s search for ‘the best for my child’, every day. Because it is precisely those first years of life that will make a difference for the future. You could think of this time as a ‘school of life’. It is understandable that you – on moments you can’t be there yourself – want more for your child than just ‘childcare’.

A new adventure every day

At BLOS childcare every day is an adventure. Playfully discovering who you are and what you have in you. Explore the world around you and the life you share with others. Learn to understand what is required of you – and vice versa: what you have to offer. Now and in the future!

We provide a safe and pleasant environment. One in which you can grow with confidence. Bigger, wiser, stronger. At your own pace, in your own way. Autonomous and confident, proud of who you are and what you can do. Ready for the next step.

“Growing up is an adventure. As a child, the world is so big and so small at the same time. There is so much to discover. Without a worry in the world, you jump in a muddy puddle. You’re to young to realize, but every step you take at that age, every game, every laugh and every tear ultimately make you who you are.”

Thanks to all the sweet, kind, spontaneous and brave kids of BLOS! 

Working together in the most important development stage of your child’s life

We have the best job in the world: contributing to the journey of a new generation. Our trade is in our genes. We know what it takes to guide and support children in their journey and to develop from babies to beautiful human beings. We do this with all of our love and with our full attention.

We encourage, help and challenge. With a varied and modern offer, we continue to improve based on the latest insights. For small and big adventurers. For every child. Because whoever it is of where it comes from, your child matters!

We are more than happy to share our knowledge and experience with you. For us, childcare means working together with you on education and guiding your child during the most important development stage in his or her life. We think along with you.

Discovering life together

We really want to teach children something: about themselves and in relation to others. They learn together by playing with each other or by making new friendships. Maybe even for life!

We teach children to treat each other respectfully and to be able to resolve conflicts.

Together we will explore the world around us and the life we share with others. And maybe we’ll make unforgettable memories to hold on to.

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