Frequently asked questions

I use after school care. Can I exchange a regular childcare day for day care during the holidays?

It is possible to exchange a regular childcare day for day care during the holidays. Please keep in mind that extra childcare hours will be charged. There is a surcharge of 10% on the standard hourly rate.

How do I request an exchange day?

You can request an exchange day via the parent portal. Unfortunately, this is not (yet) possible via the app.

Can I exchange an entire childcare day for two half-days?

Yes, you can. It is possible to exchange a whole childcare day for two half-care days (á 6 hours a week). Please note that when making this exchange the extra hour of childcare and the half-day surcharge will be charged.

What are the conditions/rules for requesting an exchange day?

We offer the possibility to exchange fixed childcare days (or parts of the day). Exchange days can be requested via the parent portal. After approval, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail.
Please take the following into account: 

  • Exchanging days is free of charge;
  • Requests to exchange days can be submitted within one month in advance via the parent portal;
  • Exchange days can be requested up to one working day in advance (up to 4 p.m.);
  • The requested exchange day needs to be within 21 days before and 21 days after the day or part of the day to be exchanged;
  • Exchanging days is only possible within your child’s main group en ad if the group size and the pedagogical child-staff-ratio allows this;
  • An approved exchange day will mean that the newly vacant day can be offered to another child;
  • An approved exchange day cannot be exchanged again;
  • Requests for exchange will be approved at least one week before the exchange day;
  • Requests for exchange will be handled when both the date for the day to be exchanged and for the desired day are known;
  • Exchanging days is only allowed if no childcare has been taken on the desired day (fixed childcare day or incidental extra childcare day);
  • Recognized public holidays and other closing days cannot be exchanged.

Can I bring my child to day care for an extra day?

It is always possible to request an extra care day. You can request an extra care day via the parent portal. Extra days will be awarded if occupancy allows it.

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