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BLOS Rotterdam | Location Hilledijk 196A (day care)

Welcome to day care centre Hilledijk 196A!

Welcome to the BLOS day care centre Hilledijk 196A in Rotterdam! Our day care centre is located in the Feijenoord district. Our location is easily accessible by bike or car, and you can park your car in front of the door (paid parking). 

Our day care centre has a warm and homely atmosphere, allowing your child to learn, discover and grow in a playful way in a safe and familiar environment. We work with fixed groups of committed and caring employees. This ensures your child will quickly feel at home.

We make sure there is of plenty time for children to be active, play outside and enjoy nature. Every day, the children play outside in our large garden, which offers challenging activities. The children can ride a bike across the square, play in the sandbox and enjoy fun games. Four times a week, we cook a fresh, warm meal for the children.

The area also offers plenty of fun activities to do. We regularly visit the playground.

Children from the age of two with a Preschool Education indication will receive extra support in language and maths, as well as motor and social-emotional development. At our location, your child will come and learn during a few day parts per week. We sing songs, play games, do crafts, tell stories and listen to each other. The children will learn new words each day and will be able to do more things by themselves, such as hanging up coats, cleaning up toys or playing with other children. With our special Early and Preschool Education program, we make sure there is a smooth transition to primary school.

Please feel free to request a personal tour. You are most welcome!

Charissa Sedoc
Regional manager


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Day care for babies
Day care for toddlers

Hilledijk 196A
3074 GA Rotterdam
085 - 800 21 64

Opening hours: 7.30 A.M. - 6.00 P.M. 

Registration number National Register (LRK): 104153702 - go to inspection report


At our day care centre, we have the following groups:

  • 1 horizontal preschool group (age 2 to 4 years old)
  • 2 horizontal groups (age 0 to 2 years old)
  • 3 horizontal groups (age 2 to 4 years)
  • 2 vertical groups (age 0 to 4 years old)

Need help with registering or applying for childcare allowance?

Do you want to register your child at our day care centre but are not sure how to do so? Or do you need help with applying for childcare allowance? We are most happy to help! Please contact the Location manager via 06-39793795 or via to make an appointment.

Group phone numbers

The groups of our day care centre are reachable via the phone numbers provided below.

  • Vertical groups (group 1 en 2): 06 252 022 43
  • Horizontal group (group 1 VE): 06 251 749 04

Want to register your child at BLOS?

Please fill in the registration form and we will contact you as soon as possible. Do you want to see a location with your own eyes first? Request a tour for a BLOS location in your neighbourhood. Questions? We’re happy to help!

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