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BLOS Sassenheim | Location St. Antoniuslaan (day care)

Welcome to day care centre Sint Antoniuslaan!

On behalf of the team, we would like to welcome you to the BLOS day care centre Sint Antoniuslaan 11! The name of day care centre used to be Trias Kinderopvang. As of March 2021, we continued as a BLOS childcare location. Our small-scale and quietly located day care centre can be found next to primary school Het Sterrenwerk and is within walking distance of Park Rusthoff and the centre of Sassenheim. We are easily accessible by bicycle, public transport and car. Right next to our location, you will find our toddler- and after school care centre. Perfect for parents with children of different ages.

The areas of our day care centre are decorated in a sustainable way and have a calm, natural atmosphere. The two vertical groups have different play areas, offering the children plenty of space to move around and play. Special tables provide a safe place to eat, drink and do crafts together. Every day our pedagogical staff make sure to read to the children and to sing songs. We also take the time to admire each other's crafts, and make sure to focus on discovering what they can do instead of the end result itself. And on a sunny (warm) day, we open our doors and continue all our activities outside.

Our day care centre has a spacious outdoor play area and a beautiful experience garden with all kinds of herbs, vegetables and (picking) flowers. Using the stepping stones, the children can walk through the experience garden and discover beautiful things all by themselves. We also have a toddler slide, a sandbox and a willow hut to hide in. Playing challenging games is something we pay a lot of attention to. We have a Pickler climbing frame and a slackline, allowing the children to explore their limits. In addition, our exercise coach regularly provides challenging activities, such as a trail or fall training.

We make sure to play outside every day, but also regularly go out to Park Rusthoff in Sassenheim. We take out old paper, walk to the market or visit the petting zoo. We look for beautiful natural treasures in the park and walk the Kabouterpad (garden gnome path). In a playful way, we teach
children all about nature and (itchy) animals. Twice a year, we organize a nature projects which take up to a month and are all about animals, plants or waste & recycling.

Please feel free to request a personal tour. You are most welcome!

Marijke Rodenburg
Location manager


Come and have a look and sign up for a tour (no-obligation). Or register your child immediately via the registration form.

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Day care for babies

Sint Antoniuslaan 11
2171 EL Sassenheim
0252 226036

Opening hours: 7.30 A.M. - 6.30 P.M.

Registration number National Register (LRK): 128855435 - go to register


This location has the following groups:

  • 2 vertical groups (age 0 to 4 years old)

Toddler Academy

Every morning around 10.00 am, we organize a Toddler Academy activity for toddlers from 2.5 years old. This way, we prepare children for primary school in a playful way.

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