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BLOS The Hague | Location Laan van Kans Handbalvereniging Hercules (after school sports)

Welcome to after school sports centre Laan van Kans!

On behalf of the team, we would like to welcome you to the BLOS after school sports centre Laan van Kans in The Hague! The name of our after sports centre used to be Hakuna Matata. As of June 2021, we continued as a BLOS childcare location.

Our after school sports centre is located in the spacious sports canteen of handball club Hercules, located at the Laan van Kans in Ypenburg - The Hague. Children who love sports and being active will definitely enjoy their time at our location. We offer plenty of sports and games. Downstairs, we have two asphalted handball fields, and besides the sports hall, there is a large artificial grass field with 6 tennis courts. In addition, we have a big, covered terrace and a large kitchen at our disposal, where we enjoy fun cooking activities.

The area offers a lot of opportunities to have fun. We explore nature and regularly go on treasure hunts in the quiet child-friendly neighbourhood. At our after school sports centre, you will find the best of both worlds: sports and nature!

Our location is easily accessible by bicycle, car, and public transport. The large car parking terrain offers plenty of free parking spaces. Very handing when picking up your child!

Please feel free to request a personal tour. You are most welcome!

Manja van Otterloo
Location manager


Come and have a look and sign up for a tour (no-obligation). Or register your child immediately via the registration form.

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After school care

Laan van Kans 13
2496 VB Den Haag
06 186 840 46

Opening hours: After school until 6:30 P.M.

During holidays: Starting from 8.00 A.M.

Registration number National Register (LRK): 103493578 - to register


Our after school sports centre offers room for 40 children, divided into 2 groups. To provide guidance and stability, each group has its own recognizable colour and the same group leaders. At our after school sports centre, we offer a range of sports activities. After the joint eating and drinking moment, your child is free to choose which activity he or she participates in. The group leaders of our child’s group are your main contact as a parent. During school holidays or on study days, we sometimes merge the groups with those of our after school care centre located at the Madurolaan.


Using our green cargo bike, we pick up children from the following schools:

Exchange policy

Until 31 December 31 2021, this location has a different exchange policy. Read the exchange policy here.

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