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BLOS The Hague | Locatie Oeverwallaan 104 (between school care)

Welcome to between school care centre Oeverwallaan 104!

On behalf of the team, we would like to welcome you to the BLOS between school care centre Het Hoge Land in Berkel en Rodenrijs! The name of our between school care centre used to be Hakuna Matata. As of June 2021, we continued as a BLOS childcare location.

We offer between school care at primary school De Bras. Between school hours, we make sure structure, relaxation, being active and having fun are central. We ensure children start their afternoons at school with a fresh mind. All children will play outside for 30 minutes, and we have divided our playground into different zones. There is a zone for sports, games, and relaxation. Children are free to choose which zone they want to spend their time in. We also have a football cage at our disposal. In the case of bad weather, we go to the gym or do a creative activity with the children.

Niels Bentvelzen
Between school care coordinator


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After school care

Oeverwallaan 104
2498 BZ Den Haag
06 48 14 85 32

Between school care at primary school de Bras


Our between school care is exclusively for children of primary school De Bras.

Exchange policy

Until 31 December 31 2021, this location has a different exchange policy. Read the exchange policy here.

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