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After school care centre theme: Help, I am melting!

icoon-kalender-tekengebied-2.png 24 augustus 2022
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After the summer holidays we start at the after school care centre of BLOS with the theme 'Help, I am melting'. This is a fun and diverse theme where we do all kinds of cool activities. These activities are based on the 5 talent developments. In this article, you can read more about it. 


At our after school care centres we offer the great activity programme DoenKids!, filled with cool, challenging and unique activities. With this program, we make our after-school care even broader, more fun and more educational for your child. We believe it is important that your child develops in a playful manner, learns something new every day and discovers his or her talents. This is done on the basis of 5 talent developments that are dealt with each week. Read more about the talent developments below.

How artsy!

We encourage, help and challenge your child to explore. For example, by working with art, fashion and free expression, we stimulate creativity. In this theme, we make cool things with, for example, ice water paint. We also make creative fruit ice creams with various colours of fruit to cool down with.

BLOS lab

During the after school care centre, your child can explore, experience and experiment on his or her own. Independence is an important quality we strive to give your child. Your child learns to solve his or her own problems, which increases their self-confidence. This theme is perfect for doing ice-cold experiments. What happens, for example, when water freezes? And does ice melt when you add salt?

This is me

At BLOS childcare, your child gets the space to figure out who he or she is because everyone is unique. Our pedagogical staff encourage the children to do as much as possible themselves and guides your child to discover, express and further develop their expressive talents. Here, we value the process more than the result. We sing, dance, improvise and act, among other things.

Yes, of course?

We introduce your child to the wonders of nature and its sustainability. We help your child be earth-conscious and grow up more engaged and aware, playfully discovering the world and enjoying all the beauty that nature offers. For example, we make an insect hotel, plant seeds, learn more about recycling waste and collect rainwater to water the plants.

3, 2, 1 GO…

Nothing is as fun and healthy as being active. Running, climbing and clambering around! Your child can look forward to various sports and play activities and experience what he or she likes doing best. In this theme, we do some awesome tag games and cool down with various water games.

Follow the adventures of your child via the parent app

The theme "Help, I am melting!" will last until 16 September. We will keep you informed of your child's adventures every day via the parent app. Do you have any questions or would you like to know more about the theme? Please feel free to ask one of our pedagogical staff members at the after school care centre.

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