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Sinterklaas downloads 2023

icoon-kalender-tekengebied-2.png November 14, 2023
icoon-klokje 1 minute



Get the pumpkin soup, stews, sweets and craft stuff ready, because it's time again for Sinterklaas!

A nice time to spend with your family.

Countdown calendar

We would like to bring you some extra joy and excitement, that is why we have created a special countdown calendar. This calendar starts a few days before Sinterklaas arrives and ends on 'Pakjesavond'. Maybe your child is allowed to put their shoe in the hallway and get a little present in there? You can easily indicate this on the calendar. Print it out, make it even more beautiful together and hang it up.

Download countdown calendar


Memory game

Don't feel like putting on Sinterklaas news? Play your own designed memory game! First grab the pencils and markers from the cupboard to make the game your own. And then it's time to play together!

Download memory game


Window poster

Your child is probably already busy with a wishlist. Does Sinterklaas actually knows where you live? Hang up the window poster in sight, accomponied with the wishlist, so that Sinterklaas can't miss you and can bring the right presents.

Download window poster incl. wish list

Enjoy this precious time together. Before you know it they'll be big and don't believe the Sinterklaas story anymore.


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