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Tips for a great holiday with children

icoon-kalender-tekengebied-2.png 6 July 2022
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Tips for a great holiday with children

Just a little while to go before the summer holidays start! For many people, the summer holidays are the time to pack their bags and go on an adventure together at home or abroad. During the holidays your child has to deal with a lot of changes. Different surroundings, different people and, when going abroad, a different language, temperature and food. Some children can become a bit anxious because of all these changes. How do you prepare your child for change during the holiday? And how do you ensure a relaxed atmosphere? In this article, we give tips for a great holiday with children and some summer downloads that make the holiday extra fun.

Prepare your child for what is coming up

Tell or show where you are going, what it looks like, when you are going and what you are going to do there. This will give your child an idea of what to expect. Check out the weather together and tell them how you are going to get there. Make the preparations extra fun with the countdown calendar from 'BLOS childcare' and count down to the day you leave.

Ensure structure and involve your child in the daily routine

Structure is the key to a joyful and relaxing holiday. Young children in particular benefit a lot from a fixed routine. Try to have breakfast together at fixed times as much as possible. It's a holiday, so you can do that in your pyjamas too! At breakfast, ask your child what he or she would like to do that day and involve him or her in the daily schedule. This way, your child will know in advance what you are going to do and can look forward to a visit to a water park, picnic, barbecue or going for ice cream. In addition, make clear agreements about screen time, for example, and give older children a set task, such as clearing away toys, doing the washing up, helping with the cooking or setting the table. You can offer a reward as an extra incentive.

Familiarity and rituals

Your child's favourite cuddly toy is of course the first thing to be brought along. The familiar smell of home has a calming effect. Bringing along toys from home also creates familiarity and a sense of security. When on holiday, do the same rituals as at home, such as reading a story or singing a song before going to bed.

Encourage contact with other children

Making friends on holiday usually happens automatically, but you can also give your child a helping hand. For example, go together to places frequented by many other children, such as the playground, the swimming pool or the kids' club.

Draw up an activity list

It is possible that your child will get bored at some point. You can prepare for this by making a list of fun activities for your child to choose from. Also bring toys that your child can play with independently for a while, such as sandbox toys, books, puzzles, cuddly toys, games or drawing and craft materials.


Holidays are the best thing there is! So enjoy a wonderful time together. The calmer you are, the more relaxed your child will be. So take the time to rest and relax as well. Download the BLOS childcare holiday activity book, the BLOS word search and/or the BLOS summer colouring sheet. With these, your child can be entertained for a while and you can have some time for yourself.

On the way to your holiday destination, your child will certainly not be bored! In the article ''Activities for a smooth journey'' we give you some tips for the road!

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