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Puk is an artist

Portraits, sculptures, colourings and mosaics: in the Uk & Puk theme, 'I am an artist', everything is about art. At the BLOS day care centres, we explore art and the children's creativity. We do this through various activities. In this article, you can read which activities we use to stimulate the children's sensory and motor development.

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The pedagogical coach's role in childcare

Our pedagogical coaches play an important role within BLOS childcare. They are the link between our pedagogical policies and practices. All our pedagogical staff are coached annually. Whether they work at the day care centre, toddler care centre or after school care. As a parent, you do not have direct contact with the pedagogical coach, but you will notice their impact. Below you can read more about the role of the pedagogical coach in childcare.

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Getting active together on National Exercise Day

At BLOS childcare we think it is important that children get plenty of exercise and a healthy nutrucion. To draw extra attention to these two important themes, we organized the National Movement Day on Tuesday 30 May together with the Glitter Factory.

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BLOS childcare organises National Exercise Day

At BLOS, we build a better future by helping children develop through attention and care. That's why we believe it's essential that children eat healthy food and get enough exercise. To highlight the importance of exercise, we will organise the National Exercise Day on Tuesday, 30 May. During this day, children at BLOS will engage in fun exercise for an hour with Olympic skeleton racing star Kimberley Bos and Johnny Glitter. The event will be presented by Fenna Ramos.

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BLOS childcare becomes UNICEF Business Buddy

Great news! BLOS childcare is becoming a UNICEF Business Buddie. As a childcare organisation, we contribute to the development of the children. And because we not only want to contribute to the development of children in the Netherlands but that of children all over the world, we are joining UNICEF.

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Tips for a great May holiday with the family

Yay! The May holiday is just around the corner. Your child has two weeks off to do fun things. Are you still looking for inspiration for fun (family) activities during the May holidays? We've put together a list of ideas. With these tips, you’re guaranteed a fun May holiday!

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