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BLOS unravels: setting boundaries with your child

Your child is curious by nature and has a strong urge to explore the world. That is only a good thing, as it allows them to develop. In his or her process of exploring, your child likes to push the boundaries to see how far he or she can go. Your child needs clear boundaries, but why, how do you set them and how do you act if your child crosses them? Find out in this 'BLOS unravels'.

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Uk & Puk theme 'Giants and gnomes' at the day care centre

We kicked off the new theme Uk & Puk at most of our day care centres on Monday, October 10. This theme is dominated by contradictions and contrasts, in which the concepts 'big' and 'small' are central. The children are introduced to the difference between big and small and high and low. Below you can read what we plan to do and we offer tips that can help you start with this theme yourself at home.

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Tips for stimulating your child's reading pleasure

Children's Book Week has kicked-off again! This annual week is all about Dutch children's books and special attention is paid to reading and writing. While one child may absolutely adore reading, the other might not at all. Gaining reading experience can promote reading enjoyment for your child and will help your child succeed at school. Using these tips you can help develop your child's reading pleasure.

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BLOS unravels: your child's dreams

Dreaming is a significant part of sleep. During a dream, your child processes the impressions and events of the day. During which stage of sleep does your child dream, at what age do they start dreaming and what can you do when they have a nightmare? You can read all about this and more in this 'BLOS unravels'.

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BLOS unravels: self-reliance

Self-reliance is important in your child's development. Simply by doing things themselves, your son or daughter practises important skills that will help them develop further. The development of self-reliance is a process in which your child learns to do things independently more and more. In this 'BLOS unravels' you will read more about self-reliance, its importance and how you can encourage it.

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BLOS unravels: the no-phase in toddlers

Do you want to go grocery shopping? Are you going to take another bite of your sandwich? Do you want to play with the blocks later on? Does your toddler always reply 'no' to every question you ask? If so, the no-phase has begun. It happens overnight and we can safely say that it probably won't stop for a while. In this issue of 'BLOS unravels' you can read more about the no-phase and how to deal with it. 

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