BLOS day care

Safe and secure

Leaving your child behind in day care for the first time is a big step. At BLOS childcare, we understand that. That is why we make sure to provide an environment that feels safe, secure and pleasant for your child. An environment in which your child feels loved and gets the full attention from best possible people.

At BLOS childcare we provide a safe and peaceful environment for babies and make the world a little bigger for them as they get older. We really want to teach children something: new skills, things about themselves and in relation to others. That’s why we closely look at each child's development: where they stand, what they are good at and what needs attention. We look at their talents and interests and respond to that. We make sure to connect with your child and to provide in his or her needs.

Life is busy enough as it is. That's why we like to make it as easy as possible for you and provide diapers, food (fruit, bread, snacks) and drinks. That way we hope you'll feel a little more relaxed in the morning, before going to work.

Discover and grow

At BLOS, we go above and beyond merely looking after and caring for your child. Children aged 0 to 2 years go through different stages of development. They discover new skills almost every day. Every child is unique and develops in his own way. We are aware that all children, depending on their age, have their own specific needs. We have an experienced and professional eye for this and guide your child through it.

Various play corners, game materials and activities at our locations provide your child variety and adventure. This allows children to discover the world in their own way and at their own pace.

When your child turns 2, it changes from baby to toddler. At BLOS we always adapt our approach to your child's age. On our page about day care for toddlers, we tell you how we do that.

Working together on development

We’re more than happy to collaborate with you in training and guiding your child through the most important developmental phase of his or her life. During an intake interview, we welcome you to inform us about everything we need to know about your child. We make sure that after the intake interview it is also clear to you what you can expect from us.

At BLOS childcare we make sure there is a moment to speak to you when you drop off and pick up your child. You can also follow your child's experiences during the day care via the BLOS app! This app keeps you involved, even on moments you can’t be there yourself.

On a regular basis, a mentor meeting will take place during which we will discuss your child's development together. Do you feel the need for an extra meeting during the year? Please tell us, and we’re happy to schedule it for you.

Additional services

Our additional services may differ per day care centre. Please check the location page or contact our Parent Support department at 030 604 75 99 or

Children's hairdresser
Is it about time your child gets a haircut? Many of our day care centres have children's hairdressers coming by every six weeks. At an attractive rate, your child can get a haircut during day care. We will send you an e-mail to inform you about this and you can make your wishes known.

A photographer visits BLOS childcare every year. You can order extra copies of the best photo(s) of your child and/or have them printed on one of the other products. Your child's getting its photo taken is non-binding and there is no purchase obligation.

Additional childcare
Do you need extra childcare at some point? At BLOS you can request a single extra day or more. Please send in your request using the My BLOS parent portal. Whether we are able to approve your request, depends on availability at the location. Unfortunately, from October 1st of this year the possibility to offer extra days is temporarily limited. 

Flexible childcare
At BLOS we also offer flexible childcare. Handy when you have irregular working hours. You can request childcare per week or per month.

Exchange days
Do you want to change one of your standard childcare days? BLOS childcare offers this service at no extra cost. Exchanges are only possible if the occupancy allows it. You can easily request an exchange day via the My BLOS parent portal. Unfortunately, from October 1st of this year the possibility to offer extra days is temporarily limited.  

Want to register your child at BLOS?

Please fill in the registration form and we will contact you as soon as possible. Do you want to see a location with your own eyes first? Request a tour for a BLOS location in your neighbourhood. Questions? We’re happy to help!

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